essential oils

img_1614Y’all, I wouldn’t know what to do without them. A few years ago, I read a book called Healing Oils of the Bible by Dr. David Stewart and not to be all dramatic, buuuuut…. IT CHANGED MY LIFE. Like, seriously.

The healing and wellness properties that essential oils contain are unreal. It sounds crazy because how could a few simple drops of oil really do anything legitimate? Well, if you actually dissect their scientific makeup and the effect they have on the human body and mind, you’d see they’re not simple at all – their chemistry is very complex.

There are so many things that pollute our bodies and make us sick. Did you know that just holding a cup of coffee lowers your body frequency? (the lower your body frequency, the more susceptible your are to sickness) The average human body stays at about 62-68 MHz; sickness and disease begin to kick in when it hits about 58 MHz. Alone, your body would take about three days to raise its frequency from a cup of coffee. But just one drop of rose oil (320 MHz) or lavender (118 MHz) raises it instantly.

You take medicine and use skincare products made by man. If you think those work well, just try something made completely by God and just watch what happens. 🙌

I love Young Living essential oils because after a whole lot of research, I found that they are the purest. Plus, they have so many blends to choose from – ESSENTIAL OIL HEAVEN. Also, Dr. David Stewart speaks very highly of the YL brand in his book. I use them topically, diffuse them, and take them as supplements.

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