Redneck Sushi

Alright, it’s not really sushi – more like tuna salad on a cucumber – but I had to come up with somethin’ catchy if I want this to go viral on Pinterest, people. Just kidding! Kind of. Anyway, it’s a really good, healthy grain-free snack and great for when you’re just ready to eat right away and don’t feel like cooking. Ingredients: cucumber slices 1 … Continue reading Redneck Sushi

Made with Love & Other Good Stuff

Feed your hungry man some yummy V-Day grub! Let’s start with brunch.. I don’t usually drink champagne because of all the sugar, but I make exceptions with mimosas sometimes because they’re just good. Try these: Mango Mimosas Need: 1 small mango & bottle of chilled champagne To Prepare: Blend mango in food processor until smooth and spoon about 2 T of the puree into a … Continue reading Made with Love & Other Good Stuff